Styling Hair With Maang Tikka

Thinking of wearing a Tikka for the next wedding, well here are a few hairstyle ideas which look gorgeous with this accessory….

Open hair- If you want to keep the hair open then simply do a middle parting and place the tikka at the centre. Don’t forget to secure it with the bobby pins, and also use a double sided tape to secure the manage tikka at place. Double sided tape will prevent it from turning around while you move. 

Voluminous Curls– Curls always look good, this hairstyle with a volume and puff at the back is a great hairstyle for those who want to keep the hair open.

Middle parting with puff– If you want to keep the hair loose but wish them to look clean at the front then this is a good style. Just do a middle parting and pull and secure the hair at the back while creating a little volume on the sides.

The twists– Twisted and messy hairstyle is fun, do a side parting and while creating the twists pin the hair at the back. Do a tight curl at the back.

The side kick– Grab a small section of hair from the sides and pin them. So simple and easy to do and looks super elegant at the same time.

The Simple Puff– Puff style with the middle parting is the safest bet which never goes wrong. A bun whether a high rise or low is your choice.

Puff with side parting– If you do not want the string of the tikka to be visible then go for the side parting hairstyles. This puffed hairstyle with side parting and bun at the back is indeed a great hairstyle to try.

The vintage look– Now this is an all time favourite look for most of us. A clean and a chic look indeed.

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