8 Paasa Style For Bride To Be

Passa is a perfect piece when it comes to choosing hair jewelry for major occasions like a wedding. It is basically an exaggerated version of a maang tikka, but is worn on one side rather than at the center.

Done on various materials, it has many versions and is in fashion from quite some time.

Would be brides and the bridesmaid can choose this gorgeous piece of jewelry for the big day without a doubt as it adds a grace and elegance.

Here are few passa styles to choose from….

Pearl Passa– If you have chosen to wear a dress in a pastel shade, then go for pearls as they compliment such colors like no other material. A passa in pearl is what you can choose as a head jewelry and it will look great.

Multi string passa-This style basically has a small hair attachment to which intricate chain like strings are attached. It is a little different from other passa styles as it has open ends and does not have any design element holding them at the bottom.

Multilayer Passa– This double layer passa is super stylish and is apt for any bride who wants to adorn this jewelry style. Infact it stands out and is so unique that you would want just a single passa as your head jewelry.

Colored beads style-You can also find passa’s done in colored stones, its great to wear one done in a color matching to your outfit.

Polki Passa– Polki cut jewelry is every brides’s favorite piece, they never go out of fashion and is something to be cherished for a lifetime. Match a polki passa with rest of your polki jewelry.

Crystal Passa-Done entirely with crystals its great for those who are looking for somethings which blings and shines. If your embroidery on the dress is done with stones and crystals then this would be the best choice.

Half Round passa-This cut goes best with a similar round maang tikka.

V cut passa– The V shaped passa can be worn with a simple and light maang tikka as you would not want to place two powerful things close to each other. Just be sure that you choose the tikka with a V shape only and not some other shape, as two different shapes will look a bit mismatch.


Image refernce: Pinterest

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