Headband Style Maang Tikka For The Brides

Headband style maang tikka has a charm of its own. It looks super trendy and also works as an awesome hair accessory for the modern brides. Here are a few styles….

Single string tikka– A single string hairband style maang tikka set looks gorgeous when worn with modern contemporary lehnga’s. You can also choose to keep your hair open when using this hair accessory as it will go perfectly with an open hair style.

Multi string concept– For the ones who like to use bold and dramatic accessory, this is one concept which you can use to make you look gorgeous.

The oversized pendant– The pendant at the center can be in various shapes and sizes, but if you want to go with the best then an oversized pendant will add to the beauty of this accessory.

Go with the elegance of pearls– There is nothing more elegant than the natural beauty of pearls. You can easily combine a pearl maangtikka in a headband style with the pastel shade attires.

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