8 Gorgeous Alternative Of Regular Maang Tikka For The Brides To Be

Wearing a Tikka completes the bridal look. Whether it’s the pre-bridal function or the main wedding, no bridal look is complete without this one fashion accessory. But why to stick to the same old simple designs when you have so many alternatives available. Have a look at these gorgeous Tikka alternatives which brides can try on various functions….

Band style floral Tikka– This head band style tikka looks gorgeous especially when done in floral patterns. The floral drop attachment at the center front is the highlight of this tikka style.

Crown style– This has become a hot favorite accessory with most of the brides nowadays and is a great alternative to regular tikka designs. The best part is that inspite of not being a traditional stuff, it still goes perfectly with the Indian attires.

Chain style borla– Borla designs in floral patterns is a great pick if you want to stick to a traditional stuff with a twist. Pick one with multilayer chain attachments to give your look a kick.

Fresh Flowers– If you are looking for something totally different then choose fresh flower headbands like this one. They come in different designs and patterns and you have an option of choosing your colors in the form of fresh flowers like real roses, mogra, orchids etc.

Passa and tikka style– You can also mix and match two different head accessories like simple tikka and passa, or tikka and crown for a splendid look.

Tikka with a headband– This style supports the regular one string tikka with an attached crown or a string headband which is worn a little higher. You can also match your hairstyle with matching floral clips for the plaits.

Half half style– And you can also create an interesting look by combining your regular tikka with a string of fresh mogra flowers like this.

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