6 Haathphool Styles For The Brides To Be

Haathphool is a very important ornament for an Indian bride. Though it is not an auspicious jewelry piece still the brides love to wear it because it is one of the best hand jewelry in which one can wear it for the wedding. The design and the style depend upon the bride to a bride as how she wants to match her jewelry with the clothes. Here are a few Haathphool designs which a bride can choose from for her big day…

Single ring bracelet style– This oversized meenakari ring with a single row attachment joining the ring and the bracelet is a perfect design for the ones who want a clean and a chic design without too many attachments.

Modern design– If you do not want a bracelet style design, then go for multiple rings style. These rings are attached to each other and they look pretty impressive. This design is also good substitute to the regular bracelet style designs.

Moonga Panna jewelry: This traditional jewellery setting comes with red and green filling and gives a very vintage look. They generally have a big broach at the center which is connected with finger rings and a bracelet.

Simple Kundan style– If looking for something simple, then go for a single brooch style design like this.

Pair it with a finger ring– If you are choosing to wear a delicate simple chain style single row design then you can match the haathphool with a bold finger ring design.

The traditional style– This design is generally loved by all, especially the ones who like to explore the authentic jewellery styles. A traditional haathphool has finger rings for all the fingers which are then connected to a center broach with chain like attachments, which finally end towards an attached bracelet.

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