New Age Mangalsutra Designs, But With A Contemporary Twist

Well gone are the days when mangalsutra meant just an auspicious piece of necklace with heavy and bold designs. With the change in designs the patterns and the way to wear it has also changed. And modern day brides are ready to experiment with these new changes for good. So for someone who wants to wear a piece of mangalsutra as daily wear, but also wants it to be delicate and workable then here are a few styles to watch out for…..

Bracelet– Mangalsutra bracelets are quite common now. They are available in so many different designs and patterns and look quite impressive. So you can choose between a thin delicate chain style bracelet, or even the ones which come with extra attachments like fancy or diamond and gold beads.

Ring– Did you know that you can also wear a mangalsutra in the form of a ring. So cool isn’t it. And you can definitely pick up from many designs available in gold and diamonds.

Chain style– When you are looking for something really delicate like a workwear jewellery, then a chain style neckpiece with just a few black beads will be just perfect for you.

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