New Age Mangalsutra Designs Of Our Celebs

Traditionally the Mangalsutra was done in black beads with a addition of gold in a pendant or some other style. But with time it has got a modern makeover with inumerous deigns to choose from. Mangalsutra rings and bracelets are now available for the new age brides who want to wear it as an accessory rather than just on the neck. Listed here are few of our favorite celebs and their choice of Mangalsutra designs for themselves…..

Soonam Kapoor Zodiac Mangalsutra– This trendsetting zodiac mangalsutra from sampat jewelers is so fresh and unique. If you are the one looking for something modern and unique, then a design like this is perfect for you. Infact Sampat jewelers customize designs according to what you need. A cool way to wear your zodiac signs, the best thing is that it looks like a charm chain and can be worn with traditional as well as western attires. Sonam also has a mangalsutra bracelet which is a perfect way to wear this piece in a modern way.

Deepika Padukone Solitaire mangalsutra- There isn’t a single women who would refuse wearing solitaires. This simple, elegant and chic design is for the ones who believe in minimalism. A simple solitaire pendant with the traditional black bead chain is what you can wear with almost anything.

Anushka Sharma traditional mangalsutra– Diamond mangalsutra for the ones who like to keep the look as traditional as possible. Traditional designs have their own charm and so does this piece.

Priyanka Chopra pendant style mangalsutra– This chain and pendent style mangalsutra is just so awesome. The bold pendant design stands out completely and is a perfect addition to the delicate chain design done in black and gold beads.



Image reference- Pinterest

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