5 Ways To Personalize Mangalsutra Designs

Nowadays there are so many ways to wear this traditional accessory like as a ring, or as a bracelet and so on. But if you are eyeing on something as traditional as a neckpiece, then here are a few ideas to personalize this bridal piece.

Letters– If you wish for a design with a pendent then this design would give a perfect personalized effect to this accessory. You can go for initials of your partner for the mangalsutra pendent design. Done in diamond or gold, well they both will look equally good.

Name– You can also use the name of your partner on the pendent design. It will be a nice surprise for your husband to see his name itched on this accessory.

Initials of couples– To make your bond more special you can also choose designs which have initials of your names in addition to a symbol of love like a heart.

Names of the couple– Or simply add your names to the mangalsutra. Names when done in eye catchy calligraphy looks very impressive.

Zodiac signs– Ever since actress Sonam Kapoor wore it, Mangalsutra with zodiac signs have become super popular. So if you are looking for something out of the box, then this might interest you.

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