Boxwood Backdrop Ideas For Contemporary Weddings

Contemporary theme weddings call for contemporary decor. And what can be better than going for boxwood backdrop for the bride and groom. And if you are wondering what this is then have a look here…..

Simple green background– A simple artificial grass background done with a few real flowers and leaves looks just perfect for those who do not want things to look elaborate.

Paper art– Paper art is another very popular decor stuff. If you want to add colors to your backdrop then using them would be just great. They also add a nice 3-D look to the decor which looks simply striking.

Fairytale setup– A backdrop done with flying butterflies, lights, real flowers and lots of lamps, well sounds like a fairytale situation right. And though we see this set up in a single color but who would mind seeing it done in a mix of pastels.

Get the initials done– You can also get the initials of your names itched to the background and there are many ways to do so.

Chandeliers and lamps– Using a lot of lights like chandeliers and lamps makes the whole decor come lively and bright. Also they add a nice rustic and romantic look to the decor.

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