5 Ganpati Pooja Décor Ideas

If you are someone who likes to change the décor setting for Ganpati few times during the whole festival, then we have a few ideas for you. And since we still have a few days in hand for the visarjan, these ideas will help you to create easy and eye catchy background which will be perfect for a surreal setting.

Use bricks and lights– Creating a simple brick textured wall for the background is an eye catchy and quick idea to go for. You can also paint the bricks with different patterns in white chalk or paint and it will look surreal. Place tea light candles in between the bricks for a divine feeling.

Flower mandap– This is something you can easily make at home with the help of few cardboard and standing towers. How you make it and what design you pick up for this work is upto you. Remember to decorate the top part fully with flowers and leaves.

Use colorful cloths– You can also use colorful sarees or dupattas to create an interesting background. Use a wall to create this background and add stuff like flower strings or even fairy light strings for a striking look.

Take help of a table– If you have a small round table which is apt in size to decorate for this purpose then use it. You can cover the table with a fancy piece of cloth, and use fresh flowers and candles to decorate it further. Traditional elements like brass décor pieces will make the setting more beautiful.

Paper flowers– If you are a pro in using paper for making flowers then this idea is for you. Though you can create this look by using readymade paper flowers too.

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