Abstract Mehndi Designs Using Floral And Leaf Patterns

Mehndi designs have different origins and inspirations and they no longer are confined to the age old traditional designs. There are many of us who just love their tattooed heena hands, but then the traditional patterns don’t match everyday dressing. Or sometime if you are planning on wearing a western outfit then the same issue acts as a hindrance. But not with the modern day abstract patterns which you can freely flaunt with almost any style of outfit. Here are a few design inspirations….

The leaf inspired– Branches of trees and leafs make an excellent pattern for any artistic drawing and same is the case with the heena. This abstract leaf inspired design is perfect for the ones who are looking for a modern abstract design. Do not forget to paint the nails before heena application. And since this design is done mainly on the wrist and the nails, therefore it gives a lot of liberty to experiment with different sorts of hand jewellery.

Flower power– Floral branches emerging from here and there look so unique. Small leaf and floral pattern matching the base design can be seen on the fingers, which again are beautifully placed in an abstract way that no finger has the same design, but they still look unique and organized.

Bold pattern– And if you are a lover of big and bold patterns then a leaf steam pattern like this which gives a cosy wrap around feeling is a perfect thing for you.

Mix different patterns– You can also use two different patterns and designs on both the hands.

Mix traditional patterns– Looking for a modern take on traditional patterns then how about this design. The mix and match of the old and the new designs is simply awesome.

Floral jaal– An abstract floral jaal inspired by the tulle fabric patterns is perfect to adorn if you are planning to wear a western wear like a dress.

Image reference- Pinterest

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