4 Heena Designs Which You Can Quickly Make Yourself

Heena hands look beautiful. But when there are days when you do not have enough time to catch hold of someone who can do the designs for you then worry not. We bring you these 5 super beautiful and easy to make heena designs which you will fall in love with. With the help of simple design elements like lines, dots, circles you can create these beautiful fuss free designs. Have a look…..

Leaf inspired design– Simple leaf inspired design clubbed with lines and circles is easy and quick to make. Needless to say that they look super amazing.

The haath phool style– Jewelry patterns like haath phool inspired designs look striking too. With the help of simple dots you can create a beautiful heena design for yourself.

Jewelry designs– A single finger heena design connected with a hanging broach style jewelry is another pattern which you can try for yourself.

Abstract design– If you want to try something unique then opt for an abstract or half and half design where you can mix two different patterns in one go.

Match the design with bracelet– You can also club your finger design with a bracelet style heena design done on the wrist.

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