Leaf Inspired Simple Mehndi Designs

This is the month of festivals – Karwa chauth, Diwali, Bhai dhooj and therefore it becomes essential to paint your hands in beautiful heena designs. Festivals bring happiness and excitement, but they get a complete makeover only when you get all dressed up for the occasion. Beautiful Heena designs on hand surely keeps up the festive spirit up and is also a good way to indulge in ancient traditional beauty practices. But if you are the one who do not want very intricate designs and want something easy to do it yourself, then these very simple designs inspired by leaf petals will be a real help. So take an inspiration and DIY this time…..


The branches look– Keep the pattern simple with branches coming out in a way that it forms a bracelet too.

Say it on fingers– A very interesting design for a peek-a-boo look. A simple leaf pattern done on sides of the fingers.

The two way design– A pattern crossing two fingers in opposite directions.

Leaf design with filling– A branch of leaf covered with other traditional designs on one side, gives a abstract look. It is a good design for those who want simple design but with a little bit of filling too.

Jewelry look– Do you like wearing jewelry but think that they become loud for you to carry them, then get the heena tattoo done in this way. For hands, get a thick bracelet and a extended ring look and who needs to wear a jewelry then.


Simple finger rings– We often wear rings in this pattern, so create a ring like pattern in different design like this.

Mix flowers and leafs– A beautiful thin bracelet look in a leaf pattern, can be further enhanced by adding a flower motif in between.

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