Simple Mehndi Designs For Fingers

Application of Mehndi is considered auspicious during different festivals.

It is also one of the main beauty application or accessory for the Indian brides for their wedding day.

The Mehndi leaves are dried and then powdered and soaked in water to form a paste which is further filled into cones. These cone serve as a tool for design application.

The opening of the cone should not be too thick or thin. If the opening is thick , then the final outcome will not be an intricate one, which is required in most of the designs, and if the opening is too thin, then your lines will break again and again preventing from achieving neat and fine lines. Also the consistency of the Mehndi paste should be right.

Traditionally the designs used were to cover full hands, but nowadays one can experiment with different design ideas like Indian Designs, Arabic Design etc.

One can also choose any particular part of the body to highlight it. For example one can get only fingers highlighted instead of full hand. Simple Straight, Zig Zag lines, dots, boxes, strokes can be used to make some interesting designs.

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