Handmade Jewellery Made From Fresh Flowers

The latest trend to take everyone by storm is Handmade Jewellery, made from fresh flowers. Brides from different communities are trying this trend for their Pre-bridal occasions like Mehndi, Sangeet etc. We can also find different Bollywood celebrities taking this trend forward by using this style for their marriages. Aishwariya Rai, Vidya Balan, Isha Deol and many more have already tried this trend.

One can use a single color flower, or a mix of different flowers for a mix and match of different colors and Textures. Be sure to match the colors according to the dress you wish to wear for your occasion, otherwise the trend can go horrifically wrong too. Flowers, petals and buds of the flowers all can be used to create different designs as all the things have different sizes and textures.

Nowadays a design pattern is created with the help of pearls, gold metal, brass, beads etc. which acts as a base and space is left for the flowers to fit in. So you can get these pieces customized according to your choice of flowers and colors. And if you are worried that they wont last long then need not worry, fresh flowers can easily be used throughout the day. Flowers used are roses, orchids, marigold, jasmine etc.

 Tikka made from fresh flowers


White and pink flowers set


Vidya Balan in floral jewelry at her mehndi


Floral Jewellery


Flower buds and petals


Handmade Rose jewellery


White Flowers and glitter


Marigold Flowers


Floral Tikka and Gajra


Yellow Floral jewellery set


Small Flowers


Pink and white combination


White and yellow


Light pink and yellow rose


Subtle colors

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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