6 Ways To Use And Re- Purpose Dried Flowers And Their Petals

Flowers whether fresh or dried always look beautiful. And for the plant lovers it’s disheartening to throw flowers even when they have dried up. But you can certainly use dried flowers as whole or just as petals. Here are a few ideas as how to put them to use….

Pressed flower photo frame– If you want to bring a natural feel to your walls then hanging a photo frame made of dried flowers would be great. Simply pick different types of flowers and set them together in a photo frame. You can prepare a set of two or three photo-frames like this to give your wall a complete makeover.

Phone covers– Silicon phone covers can also be used for beautifying plain covers. All you need is some dried flowers of your choice, glue to stick them to phone cover and resin to finish up the project.

Jewellery– You can also use dried flower pieces to make jewellery pieces like a pendant, earrings, bracelet or even a ring. You will have to take help of a mould and some resin to make dried flower resin jewellery.

Card and book covers– Dried flowers and their leaves can also be used to make handmade cards and lovely book covers. You can also make book markers and handmade papers using dried flowers.

Potpourri– Its not that difficult to turn your dried flowers into a potpourri for your home, try it.

Make Candles– Wax and gel candles look amazing when fused with dried flower craft.

Tea– Certain flower petals like rose, chamomile, marigold, lavender etc. can be dried, stored and later used to make flavored tea infusions. But remember to use only organic flowers or home grown flowers for this purpose as you won’t want to consume chemicals and pesticides present in the store bought flowers.

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