Dried herbs in kitchen

Kitchen Herbs Which Are Best To Dry

Using dried herbs is not something new to us. Our Indian kitchen are full of of them. These herbs not only come handy while they are not in season but are also a great flavor enhancer. These are a few of them.

Cilantro– Dried cilantro is of a lot of help, especially in summers. You can add it to flavored curd, raita and even to the curries.

Mint– Another magical summer herb, this again enhances the flavor of a regular raita. Just crush in a few leaves to the curd and it will give a refreshing flavor to the dish. You can also add dried mint leaves to chaanch or buttermilk for a cooling effect. Another way is to mix the mint leaves with ginger and make homemade ginger mint tea for yourself. Remember to just brew this combination and do not boil it as it might become bitter after boiling.

Dill leaves– Well there is so much that can be done with dried dill leaves. You can use it to season stir fried vegetables and potatoes. You can also make homemade dill infused butter with it.

Basil– Dried basil can be used to make tea and can also be used in pasta.

Methi– Dried methi leaves or Kasuri methi is used in every Indian kitchen. It gives a wonderful flavor and aroma to most of the Indian curries and hence is one must have dried herb in the kitchen.

Photo reference- Photo by Allie Dearie on Unsplash (free for commercial use) Original source

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