Cooling Indian summer recipes to make from curd

Cooling Indian Summer Recipes To Make From Curd

Curd is one food which is excellent for summers and should be made a part of daily diet. It has several enzymes which helps in fighting digestive issues and helps in keeping the body cool. Here are a few recipes which you can prepare if you don’t wish to eat plain curd….

Dahi Tadka– Take curd in a bowl and add a bit of white and black salt in it and mix well. Now in a pan add little bit of oil and once it heats up add mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves, dried red chillies or finely chopped green chillies, haldi powder, and a bit of chilli powder. Turn off the flame and add this tempering to curd and mix well. Depending on the consistency , dahi tadka can be enjoyed with chapati or rice.

Raita– Now raita can be made with several other ingredients of your choice or availability. For example you can make lauki, beetroot, cucumber, mix vegetable or mixed fruit versions to make the most of it.

Dahi papad– Now dahi bhalla and dahi papri are quite common right. But when you have to make something quick and healthy, opt for roasted dal papad instead of fried bhalla and papri. To make this follow the steps of Dahi tadka and then add crushed papad pieces into the dahi gravy. Garnish with cucumber and ginger juliennes.

Chaanch– Now we all are aware of health benefits of consuming chaanch or buttermilk in summers. It’s always recommended to have a glass of buttermilk during lunch. To make homemade chaanch, take curd in a blender and add water to it. Now add black salt, peppercorns, ginger, green chilli, fresh mint and coriander leaves and a pinch of sugar. Blend everything nicely and enjoy with your lunch.

Image reference- Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash (free for commercial use) Original source

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