14 Healthy Indian Summer Drinks Which Need 0% Soda

We have so many interesting ingredients and recipes in India, which our Naani Daadi used to have in their days. But sadly our fast lives and poor eating habits have made us choose easy to please the tongue stuff, instead of the healthier ones. Here are a few recipes which you can enjoy in summers without guilt. So next time when you feel thirsty and opt for those sugar loaded soda options, do give these healthy drinks a try.

Nimboo paani– Nimboo paani or simple lemon water has many health benefits. It has cooling effect and also keeps the body hydrated. Though many versions of lemon water are available but the regular glass of simple lemon water will do the needful.

Aam panna– Raw mango is a super fruit which is easily available in summers. It’s tangy flavor is liked and loved by everyone. Also the addition of mint and other spices makes this drink super great for digestion.

Bel sharbat– Bel consists vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin B and helps in preventing heat strokes. It also aids bloating and constipation as it is high in fiber. It is one seasonal fruit which you should definitely consume in summers.

Sattu– Sattu is quite common to all of us. But having it in summers will give a refreshing glass of healthy and cold summer drink. Also opt for jau sattu for added health benefits.

Kokum sharbat– Kokum helps in building immunity and helps in indigestion. It has a cooling effect on body which makes it an excellent alternative to try in summers.

Buras sharbat– Buras is the state flower of Uttarakhand. It has several health benefits and id high in antioxidants. It is a superfood for heart, eyes and liver and is therefore excellent to use as a drink in summers.

Coconut water– This one needs no introduction, when you have nothing to sip on just sip on fresh coconut water and it will hydrate you like anything.

Goond katira– Goond katira has cooling properties when soaked in water. It is a popular drink in north which is made like lemon water.

Jaljeera– Jaljeera is a mix of several spices and herbs which is extremely refreshing in summers. Jaljeera mixed with lemon and mint is something which everyone craves for in summers.

Rose sharbat– Rose has cooling effect on body, so incase if you get pure rose sharbat then do relish it in summers. If not then skip it as you would not want to end up having oodles of sugar syrup and red food color as a substitute to rose sharbat. Alternatively, you can make it at home with organic roses.

Khus sharbat– Khus again is a cooling summer drink which also tastes great.

Saunf Sharbat– Sauf or fennel seeds are known to cool the body while helping in smooth digestion.

Buttermilk– Buttermilk or chanch aids indigestion and keeps the body hydrated. It also helps in keeping the body nourished and cool in summers.

Thandai– Who is not aware of this super refreshing drink, well all thanks to the festival of Holi. But the drink minus the bhang, is a super nourishing and cooling drink for summers.

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