5 Flavorful Ways To Add Ice To Your Drinks This Summer

If you say that we add plain ice to our drinks then we suggest you to go through this article and we bet that you won’t freeze ice the same way as before. Well since its summertime therefore a bit of extra efforts for everything is needed. You can freeze ice by adding so many herbs which will enhance the flavor and the look of whatever its added to. Here are a few ideas…..

Mint ice– Mint is a favorite and must have ingredient for summers. And why not after all it fights sun stroke and has a calming effect on body. Not to miss is its fresh and relaxing fragrance. Above all it’s one of the main ingredients used in most summer drinks. Once you have mint ice cubes you can simply add it to your mocktails and cocktails and add a colorful and flavorful touch to your recipes. Or you can simply add it to a glass of water and enjoy your infused drink.

Lime or Lemon freeze– Lemons are used throughout the year. So if you have too much of them then you can store them like this. Whenever a guest is at home simply add them to the drink and enjoy. Again since it goes with most of the drinks so it won’t go waste.

Rose cubes– Do give this a try. Best is to pick home grown roses which are free from pesticides and are chemical free. Wash them thoroughly and freeze them in ice cubes. You can freeze a whole flower or just the petals. These ice cubes will add a color to most of the sweet drinks.

Orange– Orange juice along with a few sliced orange pieces and mint is perfect to add a fresh tangy flavor to your drinks. You can also enjoy them by adding them to a glass of plain soda, lemon water or just plain water.

Cucumber– Sliced cucumber ice cubes will go handy too. Add them to infused drinks or drinks like aam panna, jaljira etc. and they will taste good. You can also use these ice cubes for face massage as ice massage is believed to give a firmer and toned look to the face.

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