4 Types Of Ice Tea To Make Summers More Refreshing

It is so so hot outside that you feel like sitting indoors in cool atmosphere. Now obviously cold drinks have replaced cup of chai or coffee (chai lovers who can have chai in 50 degrees with the sun on full mode over their head are excluded from the list). But having ready to drink beverages are no solution, as they are bad for health because of so many reasons which you well know. But what about trying ice tea in different flavors which you and your children and even the guests will love! Here are few flavors to try……

Mango Ice tea– Mangoes are in season and if you are bored of drinking shakes then this refreshing drink will make your day. Brew some mint tea or regular black tea, and once done let it cool completely. In the meantime puree one mango and keep it aside. Now in a glass add some crushed ice and ice cubes, powdered sugar or sugar syrup, squeeze half a lemon, mango puree and finally pour the prepared tea decoction. Mix everything and enjoy. If you don’t have mint tea then just add a few crushed fresh mint leaves to your drink for a refreshing flavor.

Lemon and ginger– This is a great recipe for those who are green tea lovers! In a pan take water and boil it along with some ginger. Once done add green tea and switch off the flame. You can make the same recipe using black tea too. Now in a glass add crushed ice, ice cubes, honey, lemon juice and prepared green tea and this refreshing drink is ready.

Pineapple flavor– One more refreshing flavor for summers is pineapple. Prepare black tea decoction and let it cool. Puree few slices of pineapple in a blender and chop a few pieces and keep them aside. In a glass add ice cubes, sugar, pineapple puree, crushed mint leaves and prepared tea. Mix everything and garnish with chopped pineapple.

Mix fruit– This flavor is so refreshing that you will want to make this again and again. Strawberry, pineapple, orange and basil are the basic ingredients of this ice tea. Puree everything and chop a few pieces of pineapple and strawberry and keep them aside. In the meantime prepare green tea and let it cool. Once done pour everything along with ice cubes, sugar, lemon juice, green tea and fruit puree. Garnish with cut fruits.

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