How to use used tea leaves

7 Ways To Reuse Used Tea Leaves

Ever thought about what you can do with the brewed tea leaves. Well if you like to recycle everything and love creating minimum wastage, then this definitely must have passed your mind. In this article, we bring you some fine tips to reuse used tea leaves.

Use it as a fertilizer– Tea leaves is an excellent fertilizer for plants. When you continuously spread the used tea leaves on your planter pots, you will be amazed to see the results . Just make sure that before use you strain your tea leaves well under running water to get rid of sugar and milk traces if any.

Use it as an eye pack-You can fill green tea leaves in a cloth bag and use it as an eye pack to give some rest to your eyes. Place used tea in these bags and keep them in fridge. Whenever you need them, simply take them out and use. You can also bring the used tea leaves to boil once again and save this water in fridge. Whenever you need to relax, dip a cotton in this water and keep them over your eyes.

Fridge freshener– Keep bowl filled with used green tea leaves in your fridge. Green tea absorbs odors and will instantly absorb any bad smell if any.

Foot spa– Green tea eliminates odor so you can use these leaves to have a good foot spa. Simply put the used leaves in a cloth bag and throw it in a bucket filled with warm. Soak your feet in this water to relax.

Use it as a mouth freshener– You can reboil the tea leaves and use the strained water as a mouthwash.

Deodorize shoes– You can also use pre-used and dried green tea leaves to deodorize footwear.

Use it as a dye– Green or black, well both tea have exceptional dying properties. So if you want to dye your clothes naturally, then try using these tea leaves.

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