6 Hot Tea Recipes To Enjoy In Winters

Tea is one thing which soothes the body in winters with its warm flavors. And these recipes can be enjoyed during those cold days of the year….

Ginger tea– Crush a small ginger root and boil it in water along with few tea leaves. Strain and add sugar or honey for sweetness. You can either relish this tea as a Black Ginger Tea or add milk for a creamier version.

Lemon tea– For a good dose of vitamin C include lemon in your diet. You can also prepare black tea and mix a few drops of lemon in your tea to enjoy a hot cup of lemon tea.

Ginger lemon tea– A perfect tea to soothe your mood in winters. Just boil a small root of crushed ginger in water for 1-2 minutes and once done strain it in a cup. Now add one spoon honey and one spoon lemon juice and enjoy hot ginger lemon tea. You do not need to add tea leaves to this tea as it tastes great without tea leaves.

Fennel tea– In winters you tend to eat a lot. So this is the best thing to have after a meal when at times you feel bloated. Simply boil a few fennel seeds in water for a few minutes. Strain and have it as is, without adding sugar. Fennel seeds have natural sweetness which will be enough for you to enjoy this tea.

Chamomile and Lavender tea– Chamomile and lavender are excellent for reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality. Have this tea at bed time for a soulful cup of tea.

Masala Tea– This is one cup of tea which no one can say no to easily, especially during winters. Throw cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, black pepper in water and boil for a few minutes along with some black tea leaves. Strain and enjoy with or with milk along with some sugar or honey.

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