Detox water recipes for winters

5 Detox Or Infused Water Recipes For Winters

Detox water or infused water is a great way to drink plenty of water in winters. It adds flavor and goodness of the ingredient added to the water. And there are many ways to make a healthy winter detox water. Here are a few recipes….

Pomegranate detox water– Pomegranate is very good for health but sometimes a little difficult to eat because of its pungent taste. But using it for your detox water can give you a lot of health benefits. Well simply take the zest of one pomegranate and take out the juice of the inside fruit by crushing the seeds. Fill the zest and the juice in a bottle along with few slices of lemon, a few basil leaves and fill the bottle with water. You can also replace lemon with kinnow for a sweet and sour flavor. Add a cinnamon stick for a dash of sweetness. Leave for about 2-3 hours before consuming it.

Apple detox– Just drop a few apple slices along with few basil leaves in water with a few cinnamon sticks and it will taste good.

Orange or Kinnow Detox– Now Kinnow are available in abundance in winters, and it is also an excellent fruit for health as it provides the necessary dose of vitamic C to the body. To make kinnow detox water simply take the slices of kinnow, peel them nicely and deseed them. Now cut the slices into half and fill them in a bottle. You can also mix a little fresh juice of the same fruit for an added flavor. Fill the bottle with water, add a few basil leaves and let it sit atleast for 2 hours before consuming it.

Red detox water– Use carrot and beetroot pieces to make this water. Simply cut both the veggies and add them to a bottle of water along with lemon slices and basil leaves.

Amla dil leaves Detox– Amla is excellent for skin, hair and body but having it directly might not interest you. So why not prepare a detox water out of it. Cut amla into pieces and fill them in a glass, squeeze out juice of half a lemon and add to the bottle. Wash the dill leaves nicely and simply add them in the bottle along with a few pieces of ginger. Fill the bottle with water and let it sit overnight to infuse. To add a hint of sweetness, do add a few pieces of cinnamon sticks to this recipe.

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