9 DIY Ideas To Organize and Store Jewellery

Organizing jewellery pieces is a big task which needs a proper space to do so. But no need to spend money on various organizers available in the market when you can create one at home. Here are a few ideas…

Wooden pallet– If you have pieces of wood lying at home then get them arranged like this, and screw nails in a set of two to hang earrings. You can also hang bangles and delicate chains and neck pieces on them. You can also stick big buttons on the end of the nails to hang neck-pieces at the bottom of the pallet.

Use mesh– A mesh sheet works wonders for organizing small and delicate jewellery pieces. Simply cut the mesh in a size that would fit a hanger available at home, and hang it on both the ends of the hanger. This mesh sheet is really very useful as you can change the positions of the stuff to hang according to your comfort.

Embroidery ring– Use an old embroidery ring along with a net fabric to hang earrings.

Grater– A grater can also solve your problem of organizing jewellery in style.

Use a ribbon– A gross grain ribbon can be useful to keep your studs safely at a place.

An old box is useful too– Any old box can also be used for this purpose. Simply keep paper muffin sheets in the box to store the pieces separately.

Ice tray– Just keep the ice trays directly in your drawers or on your dressing table to store jewellery pieces.

Egg tray– Just like an ice tray an egg tray is useful too. You can even paint it before using give it a new touch.

S loop– To organize neckpieces simply use a S loop and hang it on a hanger or in your wardrobe like this.

Image reference- Pinterest

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