Store Jewelry In Style

Jewelry is very special for every girl and there are many of us who just love mixing them with everything.

But storing them is a big problem and every now and then we tend to loose some or the other pair.

If given a chance, a girl would turn a corner of her home into a perfect jewelry display shop. But that isn’t possible with most of us.

Well here are few ideas which will help you to store your jewelry pieces in a smart way and that too in a cost effective way.

Ice Tray– Use an ice tray to store your little and tiny jewelry pieces which you always tend to loose. They are great for storing pins, clips and studs specially as they easily fit into the tiny compartments of the tray.

Spare Bottle’s– Everyone has these bottles lying at home, so make use of them for storing jewelry pieces like bracelets and bangles. You can paint the bottles or just use them as is. Wine bottles are great for this purpose.

Wooden sticks– Tree branches or wood for that matter adds a rustic charm, you can hang few of them like this with the help of ropes. Screw few nails on them and you will have a pretty display for neck pieces.

Photo frames– Add a wired mesh to an old photo frame and it will turn out to be one of your favorite jewelry display corner at home. The best thing is that you can easily see all your pretty earrings displayed nicely at one go.

Hangers– They are great too, but you will have to use a wooden one for this purpose. Use screws for the display and you are ready to use it.

Muffin tray– Again it is very useful in storing small items like broaches, decorative pins etc.


Image reference: Pinterest

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