8 Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Shoe Boxes

What do you do with the shoe boxes in general, well though some like to store shoes in the same boxes while the others simply discard them due to various reasons. But how about putting them to use instead of just throwing them away. These boxes are great to organize things and this is how you can do it. But before we start make sure that you color or paint these boxes nicely or you can even take help of a textured craft paper in that case. This way they look much better and you would want to use them more.

Scarf Box– If you an avid scarf lover then you would know how difficult it get at times to store so many pieces nicely. But then have a look at this recycled shoe box, well it’s a great idea to fold and store your delicate pieces at one place like this.

Manage your wardrobe–  You can also use them to organize your closet, for instance to keep things like T-shirts, shirts, denims etc organized. Label the boxes by sticking the picture of the style of the garment stored in it, or just simply name them.

Turn it into a tray– And how about creating a beautiful tray for your dressing table. You can keep your table top more organized and make it a real fun by covering it with a textured or a printed paper.

Jewellery Box– Most of the times we lose some or the other pair of earrings as they are difficult to store. Well using a shoe box to store them is a perfect idea, as they wont get entangled to each other and they will be easy to find as well.

Photoframes– You can even make beautiful photoframes from the lid of the shoe-boxes, just make sure that you cover up the entire lid with a fancy paper properly. Or you can even paint it and add a few textures to it if you like.

Charging station– This is what every home needs as most of the times these wires and chargers are lying all over the places. Punch a few eyelets and you are sorted. Keep all the chargers inside this box for a clutter free space.

Wall decor-You can also make something like this for your wall by collecting different shoe boxes, and make sure that they all are in different sizes. In between you can also add a few smaller boxes from other sources like small jewellery boxes etc.

Planter box– Try to use indoor plants like succulents which need less water and sun to survive. Also do not forget to line the box with a plastic sheet before you start planting the saplings. This way your planter box will survive for longer.


Image reference- Pinterest

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