4 Unique Tools To Dye And Create Textures With

Dyeing gives things a new life and make them look great like never before. And to do so you don’t have to be creative genius, as Tye and Dye is not the only way to dye your stuff. So incase if you are bored of wearing the same old white T-shirt or the same old sneakers, then here are a few ways how you can revamp them and make them look totally different. These simple tools will help you to do so…..

Squeezy bottles or syringe– Squeezy bottles with a fine nozzle is what you need for this art. Simply fill in the bottles or the syringe with the color you want and squeeze out a tiny drop onto the wet fabric. Repeat to create the texture of your choice.

Ice dye– A very simple and easy to do technique, all you have to do is to first dip your sneakers for an hour or so in the water and before starting squeeze out the water completely. While still wet place them on a rack and keep a newspaper or a cloth at the bottom so that it absorbs the excess water from the ice. Just place a lot of ice above the sneakers and throw the dye powder all over them . You can choose as many colors you want but try different colors from the same color family. As the ice melts it will color the sneakers simultaneously. How to do ice dyeing at home, well watch the video here…

Permanent markers– Permanent markers and sketch pens are a great tool to create textures on almost anything you like. Just create a pattern on the surface of your choice and spray few drops of rubbing alcohol (do not use much as within a minute or two it will spread sizably)  to it and see the color and the texture merge together.If working with the stitched garments make sure that you put a thick layer of fabric inside so that this acts as a protective layer and the color does not bleeds to the back of the garment. This extra layer will also absorb any extra pigment on the surface making the textures and designs to come out nicely.

Brush– A wall paint brush can also be used if you want to create splattered effect on a fabric but it is generally used for a large canvas where you have a wider area to paint. You can also create brushstokes with it. But when you have to paint smaller areas like that on a T-shirt, cushion cover, napkins or shoes then you can use a toothbrush instead of a wall brush.

Image reference- Pinterest

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