7 Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles

Nobody has heart to throw away those tempting glass bottles which by some or the other means get dump at home. So here are some interesting ways to reuse them…..

Use it to store grains– Storing grains, lentils and other food items in plastic boxes is not recommended. And if you have glass jars lying at home then use them to keep your stuff like this. The jars do not have to be of the same size and shape, well you can use any glass jar after washing and drying them thoroughly.

Candle stand– You can also turn simple wine bottle into a candle stand. Simply fill water in the bottles and place few strings of live plants or herbs inside them. Now place the candles at the top.

Flower arrangement– You can also use these bottles for beautiful flower decor while preparing for home parties. Use them in bunches or simply use single single bottles to create different concepts for the flower decor.

Use it for family pictures– You can also keep old family pictures inside the glass bottles and decorate them further with jute ropes and vintage flowers. Add a bit of sand at the bottom with a few broken dried wooden sticks. Also adding LED light ropes inside these bottles will make them look awesome when you will light them up at night.

Snack bar– You can create these beautiful platters with the use of long bottles and a few paper plates. Its a great idea for house parties.

Turn them into dispenser bottles– For this you will need old dispenser bottles which are no longer in use. Simply remove their cap and fit into a bottle like this.

Oil lamp– You will need aluminum wick to make a lamp like this and the rest is easy, simply pour oil in the bottle and insert the wick inside.

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