Reuse and Repurpose Glass Jars

We all have empty glass jars at home and often think what to do with them, and its almost impossible to discard them as they look so pretty. Well here are few ideas how you can reuse these pieces to organize and beautify your home….

For bathing rooms– You can definitely reuse them for storing personal care products like cotton balls, napkins, earbuds etc and make your bathing room look more organized.

Make your kitchen organized with these jar containers-Use chalkboard paint to paint the lids of the containers so that you could label the spices easily. This way you will be able to relabel them if sometime you wish to change the jar for some other spice. The best thing is that you will be able to see the spices through the glass jars unlike the plastic ones which anyways are not so great to store and food item.

Use them to grow herbs– Growing your own kitchen herbs can be really fulfilling as you know that they are free from chemicals, plus you can always pluck them fresh and use them for your recipes.

Grow indoor plants– Candle jars are perfect to grow mini plants like succulents which you can keep indoors. A table top or a coffee table and even a console would look lovely with a bunch of these pretty colorful things.

Use it as a candle stand– They are also perfect for decor purposes and go very well with the candles. Use different elements like sand, shells etc to give it a raw feel. You can do it for an entrance or for a table top or even use it for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Keep for makeup brushes– Makeup brushes can get very tricky to store but what could be better than an empty candle or any other glass jar to keep them perfectly.


Store stationary– Colorful stationary items like marker pens, binder clips, eraser, pencils etc can also be stored in these beautiful glass jars.


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