Storage Ideas For Bathing Rooms

A good decorated and organised house is a reflection of your own personality and who doesn’t wants to have the pleasure of staying in such houses.

But not only the rest of the house, but the bathing rooms should also be in the best of the condition, well organised and decorated.

Here are few organizing and storage ideas for a perfect bathing room…

– Mason jar Bathroom storage is a perfect way to create your own customized storage boxes. Combine them with other leftover boxes of creams and lotions and turn them into a matching set with the mason jars. Paint them in the color you want and store things like cotton, earbuds, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and so on.

– Using Wooden storage boxes is an another great way to keep things organised in bathing rooms. Toiletries and other personal items can be kept at one place which looks quite good and easy to access. You can also use different boxes for storing different items, like towels can go in one box, and cosmetics can go in anther one.


– A thin cabinet like below can be build up in a corner or one of the walls, whichever place is suitable to the construction of your bathroom design. This will help in keeping different items at one place, if you don’t want everything to be displayed outside. Also it acts as a good storage box for the bathing room items.


– Make small multiple shelf’s like below to organise things. They are great for small bathrooms, put in few baskets for storage and a flower pot for decoration. Also remember to keep bathing room smelling fresh all the time, for this you can use either room fresheners or a nice aromatic oil like lemongrass or lavender etc.


– If you have any sort of a wall partition in bathing room , then this vertical storage idea is also very cool. Keep it open or close it with a glass or wooden lid.


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