Interesting Tricks To Use Essential Oils For Home

Essential oils are very beneficial for health and beauty, but they are also great to purify homes and to bring a feel of a fragrant and a fresh home. We use different things like a potpourri, diffuser lamps etc. for essential oils but here are few tricks which needs no fancy items, and is an intelligent way to use essential oils for a fragrant home.

– Place them in drawers and cabinets, so that whenever someone opens them up a nice fresh fragrance will follow. Place few drops of oils onto a ball of cotton or a tissue and place it in drawers and cupboards for a nice fragrance.

– For Bathing rooms put few drops on the cardboard of toilet paper roll, this way it will keep the air refreshed until the whole roll is gone and even after that. An easy way to use the oils without diffuser.

– We use pine cones for decoration at homes, but the presence of a fragrant bowl of cones will increase the joy of having them around. For this take a zip lock bag and throw the cones in it, add few drops of your favorite essential oil into this bag. Lock and shake well.

Keep it as is for a week or two so that the goodness and fragrance from the oils penetrates the cones and last for a longer time. You can also mix 2 or 3 fragrances instead of a plain distinctively single one.

– Get some small paper or cloth bags and fill them up with cotton balls dipped in essential oils. Place these bags on the back side of the doors everywhere at home for a fresh fragrance at home.

– While cleaning the air filter at home, add few drops of essential oil to it. Every time the wind blows, it will blow out a fragrant air with it.

– Use it for mopping floors by adding few drops to your cleaning water. This way while cleaning the floor, the oils will leave their fragrance everywhere at home making it feel more fresher and cleaner than ever.


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