Candle And Water Arrangement For Parties

Who doesn’t love decorating homes for house parties and the best thing to choose for the decoration is candles or flowers. But floating candles along with an arrangement of water is something which has lot of variations and possibilities to play with.

Also everyone has some or the other glassware like mason jars, wine glasses etc lying at home which can be beautifully used for the same. Also these ideas are quick.

Here are few examples….so next time if you have guests who say that we will be there in 20 minutes, you know what you have to do.

– Fresh flowers in pastel shades with contrast flower petals look amazing for this decoration. Just arrange them randomly in a tall glass or glasses in different sizes and fill water in them. Do not fill them fully, leave some space. Now just drop a candle in this water and it will float at the top. Lit it when you have guests around.


– Give a fruit blast to the arrangement by adding small fruits like berries, cherries etc. to the water. Adding fragrant herbs like rosemary or lavender leaves will give a nice aroma to the water which will be absorbed by the surroundings when the candle will be lit. Otherwise you can add any other leaf of your choice to the arrangement.

– If you are in a hurry or do not want to add fancy items to the look then just the water and the candle arrangement will do the job. Pick your favorite glasses for the same. You can also use fragrant candles for an aroma or just add few drops of essential oil to the water for a rejuvenating experience.

– You can also add stones, pebbles, shells at the bottom for a beach look. Sand is also a good option with stones to give a natural feel to the arrangement.

– Don’t throw dried branches of trees and plants, collect and keep them for decoration. One idea is to use like this.

– Play with beads, choose beads in different sizes, preferably in pastel shades and they will look so graceful.


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