Use Candles For Fabulous Table Decor Ideas On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and here we have some fabulous decor ideas which you can create in just a matter of few minutes. All you need is a few really good candles and rest everything accompanies it….

Use wine glassesWine glasses come handy when you want to plan a decor setup using candles. Simply put the flowers of your choice on the table and place a wine glass upside down over it. You can use the glasses in pairs, or simply place them next to each other depending on how you want to arrange them. Place a candle at the top of the glasses. So easy and quick, isn’t it…

Scented candle jar– It feels great when your home smells nice and for the guests a fragrant house is so inviting. But there is no need to buy expensive room fragrances from market when you can make your own fruity combination. Fill a mason jar with water and add a few rosemary leaves, a few slices of orange or lime and a few berry for riot of colors. You can also add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil to the water. Place a tea light candle at the top.

Use red flowers-The most simplest and impressive dinner table setting could be something like this. Simply use whole red flowers like hibiscus flowers and place them in a plate. Use a candle at the center and use these plates for the dinner table decor.

Use rose petals– Fill tall glasses with water and place floating candle and few rose petals in it. Arrange them on a table and simply spread rose petals all around this setup. At the center place a photo frame with a nice family picture or you can simply put a valentine day’s quote on display.

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