5 Ways To Set A Dinner Table For Diwali Dinner

If you are having a Diwali party at home then this article will be really useful to you. We pay a lot of attention on the general decor of the house but often ignore small and tiny details. One such thing is to set a dinner table according to the theme. Well you must be a pro in setting up one in general but giving dinner table a festive touch will really set up the entire mood. Here are some inspirational ideas for this Diwali….

Use wine glasses– When you have to quickly set up a table use wine glasses. Wine glasses are very easy and quick to use. Place some flowers inside the glasses and place them upside down. Use tealight candles on the top and this setting is done.

Use marigold flowers and candles– Diwali and marigold flowers go hand by hand. Can we even imagine Diwali decor without marigold flowers. Place candles at the center of the dinner table and surround it with a lot of marigold flowers and some leaves.

Go for a royal setting– A lot of brass articles when put together look elegant and royal. Combine them with colorful candle stands to add a hint of contrast and bright colors.

Style with flowers and lamps– Colorful lamps can be paired with flower vases and small candles for a rustic and romantic look. Use colorful flowers to make the entire set up look surreal.

Use brocade linens– For a true festive set up use brocade linens like table runner and napkins and more. Do not forget to use fresh flowers at the center.

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