3 Traditional Ways To Make Your Entrance Look Inviting

If you love adding a personal touch to every nook and corner of your home then you must add the entrance of the house in the list too. And though there are so many ways to do decorate the entrance, but if you are thinking on going the spiritual and traditional way to do so then we have something here for you. Watch out for these surreal ideas…..

Use traditional 3D objects– Colors play an important role in designing. Choose a color which is striking for the entrance of your house and add a 3D wall art to it. As wood goes with most of the things, therefore you can use wood as an accent for color contrast and texture. Don’t forget to add a personal touch by naming your sweet home in Hindi or in your regional language. You can also use traditional door knobs and rustic 3D objects on the door to make it look more traditional.

Ganesha for prosperity– Nothing is more satisfying and calming than seeing a ganesha idol at the entrance of the house. This idea is widely used and needless to say that it looks so inviting to be at such a place. Use a high rise platform to place the idol and using Sanskrit slokas at the background will give the perfect touch to the entire setting. Do not forget to offer fresh flowers to Ganesha everyday here and see the entire vibe change in your house. You can also go a step ahead and prepare rangoli at this place every morning or whenever you have time.

Buddha for calmness– Though the picture shows a balcony setup but we bet that this idea can be well adopted for an entrance setting. Use an attractive background to decorate the wall behind the statue, like you can use a large mirror or wooden pallets or even a wallpaper. Keep Buddha statue on a raised platform and surround it with plants in different sizes and shapes. Some huge candle stands and fairy lights will light up the entire ambience.

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