5 Curtain Ideas To Add A Traditional Touch To Your Home

Curtains are the most important part of home décor. They bring a new life to your space and should be therefore selected with outmost care. You can say that you can start decorating home by first choosing the right kind of curtains and then the rest of all can follow. And if you want to add a traditional touch to your space then these are a few styles to watch out for….

Block printed– A block print curtain is enough to add a soul to your living space. Choose a print which best goes with your interiors and it will add a designer element to your space. You can choose from various designs like go for an all over booti pattern, or simply choose a one with the borders at the bottom.

Applique work– And its not just the regular applique….well this is a hand applique technique which is practiced in various parts of Gujarat. This art is mostly done on cotton organdy fabric as this fabric is see through and stiff, and therefore provides a perfect base for the applique work. Though you can also see it done on various other fabrics.

Brocade curtain– Brocade is an another fabric which you can include to add richness to your home collection. You can either use a single fabric for the same or mix and match various brocades to create a curtain.

Embroidery– Embroidered curtains definitely add a soulfulness to the space. You can choose double curtain style for your living room where the first curtain is made of a thick fabric, and a translucent embroidered curtain is added as a second curtain for light to pass through the windows. You can choose embroidery for the translucent curtain or add it to both the layers.

Linen– Plain or textured linen is always a choice of a wise man. If you like minimalism then you know what we are talking about.

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