6 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom Wall With An Indian Touch

Are you planning to revamp the look of your bedroom. Well if so then one of the most important part of your bedroom is to redo the wall behind the bed. Generally it is one wall which gives you innumerous ideas to put in one canvas together. And though there are various concepts to work around, but if you wish to add a traditional element to the décor then watch out for these ideas……

Brick highlight– Bricks are so in trend right now. Infact the combination of brick and cement is trending nowadays. Also for some reasons getting a brick done for your home gives a very traditional feel. Our tip would be to try some handpainted motifs or stickers on the cemented part to make the set up look more rich and elegant.

Carved Wood accent– Carved wood gives the entire décor a rustic and age old look. Wooden frames or wooden tiles can be used for this purposes. Incase if you use carved wooden frames then a few traditional painting can also be added inside them, or you can also leave them as is.

Hand painted canvas– Life sized paintings are great to decorate your bedroom. You can hang them behind your bed in a way that they are seen fully. Or you can also pick up smaller ones and hang them at the center of the wall. But if you are good at colors and canvass then we recommend you considering some DIY stuff.

Indian Jharokha– This is still seen in old heritage buildings or hotels. So why not use this idea for your home as well. You can decorate these jharokha’s with photoframes or paintings or even with some artifacts.

3-D artwork– 3-D artwork is something which will really bring the best of décor to your home. You can get a few motifs done in a regular pattern or create a story around the wall like this one.

Traditional Wallpaper– This one is super simple. Pick up a nice wallpaper, one with traditional motifs and highlight your wall as needed.

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