Mesmerizing Mud And Mirrorwork (Lipan Art) From Kutch, Gujarat, India

Lipan art is a traditional mural art of Kutch, Gujarat which is made with mud and mirrorwork. It is generally made by the women of the Rabri community. Though it is traditionally done in natural shades likes brown or white, but nowadays colored versions of this traditional art is also available. Here are a few ways to make this art a part of your home…

Table art– Small artwork pieces can be used to beautify your living spaces. You can use them to decorate console tables or the wall behind the table.

Wall art– Dedicating a wall for this art is also a good idea. You can get the entrance of the home done in this style. Or even your living area wall can have an interesting background like this. You can also get in a few colors added to this art if you don’t want it to be monochrome.

Wall frames– Or you can also collect a few wall hangings and use them to decorate a space. These mirrorwork wall hangings, kept next to each other will look truly mesmerizing. You can collect them in different sizes and decorate a wall of your own.

Coasters– Pretty mirrorwork coasters for the ones who truly love hand art work.

Clock– Have you seen anything prettier than this.

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