4 Interesting Wall Decor Ideas Which Go Perfectly With A Wooden Bed

Wooden beds are again in trend and especially the ones which has antique or age old design. Using traditional designer beds adds a royal and tasteful look to your home, and there are so many design elements which you can use to play around to decorate the room further. One such way is to decorate the wall behind the bed and this is how you can do it….

Traditional Wall paper– A traditional wallpaper with repeated single line motifs or half drop pattern repeats is one of the easiest and safest way to add interesting element at the backdrop. Choose a color which best goes with the interior of your room and work on the same color palate. Also avoid picking up on large sized motifs or very dark background color if your room is small in size as doing so will make your space look smaller.

Framing– Framing is an another way to decorate the walls where you can use direct hand painted motifs or even a wallpaper inside a framed setup. The framing can be done in two ways, one is to create a real frame using board or any other material on the wall with the wallpaper and then using LED lights inside the frame to highlight the design. Another way is to simply create a fake frame with plaster of Paris.

Textured work– Creating self textures or 3D textures on walls looks very very impressive when done in minimalistic way. You can also mix and match mirrorwork to create lipan art, an art form native to Kutch, Gujarat.

Corner design– If you have a plain grey background or even a raw cemented background then a floral embroidered or hand painted framed canvas can be used to highlight the corner of the wall behind the bed.

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