5 Ways To Add A Traditional Touch To Your Home

There are plenty of ways to design your home in a modern way. But what when you want to add a traditional or a little Indian touch to your home. Well by adding a few things and by using a few tricks you can entirely revamp your space. Here is are a few ways to do so…..

Indian fabrics– Using traditional Indian fabrics like Booti silks, delicate silk brocade or Ikat etc. will definitely add a lively feel to your home. You can use these fabrics as home furnishing fabrics to bring a new life to your old furniture or simply use them as curtains or runners etc.

Traditional pictures– Another way to jazz up your home a bit is to use traditional Indian paintings of god and goddesses, or even the one depicting the various forms of life on a wall to make it look distinctive. You will easily find them in your local market or at the artisan haat’s.

Wall artHand painted wall art is becoming quite popular now. But to add a traditional touch to your home why not use the traditional Indian paintings like Madhubani, Worli etc. to make the wall look impressive.

Traditional swing– A traditional design swing might be very common in larger spaces, but you can definitely add it to your living space by eliminating any one seating.

Brass idols– Antique brass idols is another thing which you can add to beautify your home. Brass utensils, idols, antique pieces combined with colorful lights and a few plants look striking as a console table decor, or is even great for a corner table decor.

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