Home Gardening Pebble Craft Ideas

Summers are here and you surely would want to revamp the look of your garden with the changing season. And though there are several ways to do so, but when it comes to adding a little texture and color to the look of your garden then using different stones and pebbles come handy. Here are a few ways to use them in your garden…

Segregate the sections– You can plant the saplings in sections when you have a wider mouth pot. Segregate the sections with white and different colored stones and then use the plants of your choice to complete this mini garden.

Pot in a pot– To create a miniature pot , simply use a small fill a wide pot with planting soil and then keep a miniature pot at the center. You can now keep a few plants around the pot and fill the rest of the pot with colored and white pebbles.

Create a mini garden– If you are passionate about gardening then this is something which will surely appeal to you. A little bit of creative effort and a nice arrangement will make your pebble art a great one.

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