Aesthetic Candle Holders Made From Pebbles

Natural materials have an appeal and grace which is unparalleled and a home decorated with such things looks so relaxing and welcoming.

One such material is pebble which is multi-functional and can be used in different ways to decorate the house.

It can also be turned into beautiful candle holders and here is how this can be done….

– A large sized pebble with a flat surface can be used as the base of the light piece and small oval sized pebbles can be pasted in a half circle.

You can paint the eyes on these oval shapes or keep them as is. Whenever you want to use it just place a tea light candle in between and its ready to be used.

– How cool is it to have a candle holder made of natural rocks and pebbles. All you have to do is to stick small pieces of pebbles over each other to make a round candle holder like this. Keep a candle as is inside this thing and use it whenever needed.

– This interesting three storey tealight candle holder is so unique that it can have a special place in your living room. Though cutting a rock so finely requires professional machinery, but you can try picking up stones which have natural built in irregularities and keep the candles over them. If not then just place the candles as it and it will still look prepossessing.

– Flat and rounded pebbles in different sizes can come together to finish this beautiful lotus shaped tealight holder.

– Candle stand for those big decorative candles can also be made with pebbles like this. Pick big pebbles and stick them together above each other, at the last stick the candle plate to the uppermost rock for the candles to be placed.

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