Pebble Craft Ideas

Pebbles are a great stuff to decorate your home with. They look modern, contemporary and gives a natural feeling to the surroundings. Here are few ideas how you can use them for home….

Penning down thoughts– Penning down thoughts or quotes can be interesting and inspiring. Write down something inspiring and positive on few stones and decorate them in a plate. Keep them where you spend most of your time. Its a good way to spread smiles and keeping oneself positive.


Pebble gifts– You can also pack these beautiful stones, and wrap and gift them as inspiring gifts. They can be used a decorative stuff or even as a paper weight.


Pebble show-piece– Sand and pebbles compliment each other. They both can be combined to make attractive decorative pieces for your corners or tables. Fill a wooden box with sand and creatively arrange painted pebbles on it. Customise the colors of your pebbles to your wall and home linen.


Pebble Finger Ring– Hand paint the rings in your favourite colors and attach a ring at the back of the stone, for a finger ring. Try to pick a stone which is flat at the back.


Pebble Lampshade– Arrange the stones and use a strong adhesive to stick them, they look very contemporary and personalised.


Pebble Floor Mat– A great idea to use pebbles at home. Take your old mat and add adhesive to one side. Now paste the pebbles very closely, let it dry completely before use. Use small pebbles for this one.


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