Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a day filled with happiness and warmth. Though most of you had already made your plans as how to spend the day, but there might be few of us who make plans at the last moment. This article is for those who just received a call from their friends for a get together or you yourself just thought of hosting a surprise party for your loved ones.

Now decor is a very important part of Christmas, till the time you don’t get to see the Christmas tree, the hanging bells, dressed up Santa, snowflakes, gifts wrapped in beautiful papers, the party seems like any other regular party. So in order to make it more special you have to make the ambience beautiful which would look perfect for the day. Here is a video which shows you some last minute tricks to decorate your home. So grab up your scissor and other craft materials, put your creativity to use and go ahead with these super cool ideas…..


Image reference- goodhousekeeping

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