5 Christmas Tree Alternative Ideas Which Are Super Easy To Make

Christmas is around the corner and needless to say that the celebration is incomplete without you and your family preparing and decorating the Christmas tree. But making a big one is a length and time consuming task. So if you are looking for preparing something quickly then here are some really fun ideas…..

Wonder with sticks– This hanging Christmas tree is such fun to make. All you need is a few branches in different lengths and a rope to tie all the branches. You can also paint these branches before starting the project. Once done hang the decoration of your choice to this tree.

Green leaf rope– Christmas tree leaf string is one of the easiest thing to use to make a Christmas tree. Use it in a zig zag pattern to make a tree pattern. You can use double sided tape or wall clips to make one. Use fairy lights to highlight the tree.

Fairy lights– To make an illuminated Christmas tree use a fairy light string and tie it at a corner of the house. The zig zag pattern will make it look just like a tree.

Family photo Christmas tree– What an excellent idea to immerse yourself in the festive and holiday mood. Use family pictures of your favorite moments to make a Christmas tree like this.

Ladder Christmas tree-You can also use a ladder to build a Christmas tree. Don’t believe us…. well see this picture for some inspiration. Hang Christmas tree decorations to decorate the ladder and use a star pattern at the top. You can also use Christmas leaf strings to cover the ladder.

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