Ideas For A Perfect Stay At Home New Year Party

If you are planning to stay home this New Year‘s Eve then nothing like that! We say this because then you will be able to spend a great time with each other as a family. But staying at home doesn’t mean that you can’t party. Well we have some great ideas to include in your itinerary for home party.

Decorate house– Take help of the kids to do so. Believe us they will love it. You can also prepare a few things as a family and use it as a décor for the new year’s party.

Prepare a picture booth– Well there is nothing more special than seeing everyone grow young and old through pictures. Pictures are memories to behold for a lifetime! Create a photobooth with lots of these memories and everyone will love it. Pick out some best moments (though its a difficult task as every moment is special) and hang them together to make a large photobooth. You will love seeing how your family and the love for each other has grown over the years.

Prepare a menu– Even if it’s just for your family but food is very important when it comes to throwing a party. So make a list of what your family loves to eat vs. what you can prepare or order and set the menu beforehand. Also do not forget the drinks menu and stock the ingredients beforehand for any last minute disappointments.

How about some games– Include some fun games in your celebration to make your house party lively. There are many New year’s theme games will you can download and take a print to play. Otherwise games like last minute balloon piercing and last minute drink shots (fresh juice shots for the kids) are some other games which you can include for fun time.

Set up dinner table– Celebration calls up for some great setting. So take care of how to present and serve your food on the dinner table. Take help of some simple table décor ideas to make the food time more special for the family.

Select playlist– No party is complete without music! So select a playlist and download your songs beforehand. Keep in mind that there should be separate playlist for everyone like a different for your children and another for you and your spouse and likewise.

End it up with gifts– This one goes without saying. Packing a few gifts for your family is something which will make their day and this celebration more special.

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