New Year Party Ideas For Kids

New year is around the corner and you must be wondering how to make the best of the new year’s evening. But engaging kids in a party is a real game. They are hard to manage especially when they are not interested in the evening. So how do you make the party interesting for them….well you have to make the party special for them. How, well like this…..

Balloon clock– You can create a balloon clock for your kids. It’s a fun game for them which they will love to indulge in. All they have to do is to burst the balloons according to the actual time. Use colorful balloons to make this clock.

Create kids menu– You can also create an elaborate or a simple kid friendly menu for the new year’s party. Make a menu which includes their favorite drinks, sweets, snacks and other food items. You can also set up a fruit or a cocktail salad bar for them where they can pick ingredients and sauce’s according to their liking and create their own versions. This activity will keep them engaged and they will love creating eatables for them.

Fun games– Create fun games for the kids, for example you can download different printable and give them to the kids to color them. Or you can also give them different art and crafts material like shell craft or decorating photo frame etc.

Balloon ceiling– You can also hang a cloth filled with balloon on the ceiling fan. Once the clock strikes 12, call your kids to burst them all. You will love to see their enthusiasm and excitement while doing so.

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