4 Mouth Watering Fresh Fruit Dessert Ideas For Kids New Year Party

Making kids eat fruits is such a pain. And though not every child is the same, but this goes for most of the kids where you have to push them to eat healthy. So here are a few dessert recipes which you can prepare using fresh fruits and add a bit of twist to each one of them. You can use these ideas for a kids party or treat them in general too.

Cupcake skewers– Who doesn’t love having cupcakes and when they are paired with fresh fruits then the taste is simply mouth watering. Pair chocolate cupcakes with marshmallows and fresh strawberries and add a dash of melted chocolate, and the kids will absolutely love this thing.

Mini Pancakes– If your kids love pancakes then this recipe is for you. Prepare small sized pancakes and layer them up with nutella, honey and fresh cut fruits. You can also use peanut butter on one layer.

Jelly cups– Kids love having jelly. To make it more interesting you can create a rainbow or a multicolored jelly cup and load it with fresh cut fruits. You can also fill the cup half with jelly and half with custard to make it more healthier.

Fruit cups– Now if your kids don’t have fruits as is then treat them by adding a scoop of ice cream ovr the fruits. Take a icecream cone or a basket and fill it up with some fresh fruits. Now add a scoop of ice cream and garnish with chocolate and strawberry syrup.

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