Benefits Of Drinking Water Stored In Earthen Pots And Copper Vessel

Your health largely depends on how you store your drinking water. Well if you think what’s with this thing then you are highly mistaken. Water is an essential part of your daily routine and how well you use this opportunity to maximize heath benefit is largely upto you. Our ancestors have emphasized on how water should be stored and consumed and it definitely has some scientific reasons behind it. Here is how you should store water at home…..

Earthen pots-Since ages our ancestors have been drinking water stored in earthen pots. It is something which everyone has seen their grandparents do. The reason behind doing this are many. For example,

  • Earthen pot keeps the water cool and filtered and therefore is a great choice for summers. Also drinking cold water from fridge can make you sick very easily, but since the water saved in earthen pot is naturally cool and has the right temperature therefore it won’t harm you in any way.
  • Drinking water this way also helps fighting acidity and bloating and also boost metabolism.

You should never wash earthen pots with soap or any other sort of detergent. Simply wash it with plain and lukewarm water before and after use. You should also wash them soon after you are done cooking or serving the food, as keeping the food sit in the utensil will make it absorb all the flavors and oil. Once or twice a week you can boil plain water in the earthen pot to get rid of the traces of oil and spices sticking to the pot.

Copper– We all know the benefits of eating in copper utensils. But do you know how beneficial is it to store water in a copper vessel. Well in India its an age old tradition to store water in a copper vessel overnight to infuse the water with all the benefits of the copper and then drink it first thing the next morning.

  • Doing this makes your bowel movement a lot easier and therefore keeps your kidney, liver and the digestive system healthy.
  • Water stored in this vessel also helps in balancing the kapha, pitta and Vata dosha. In winters when you cannot drink water stored in earthen pots then its best to switch to a coper vessel to gain maximum health benefits.

You can use store bought detergents to wash copper vessels as special detergents are available to wash them. But you can also clean them with a mixture of salt and lemon.

Drinking water this way will definitely boost your immunity and will also keep you from getting sick often.

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